CPD Management...

Winning business from C.P.D. is as much about management as having the right material, correctly delivered.

Too many companies spend a fortune on seminar production and delivery only to treat it as a one off exercise.  C.P.D. is all about building relationships, often Practice wide, so C.P.D. should form a key part of your marketing structure.

Just think of the opportunities....

1.    You appear in the relevant journals

2.     Ideally you've chosen to go down the accredited material route - you bring proven value

3.    You have reasons to contact prospective customers - you're offering something really valuable to them

4.     You're likely to be contacted directly by various Practices - especially if your knowledge is relevant to a project

5.    C.P.D. delivers the opportuinty, you have to win the business

6.    Keep contact before and after the seminar - a perfect reason to keep your name in front of the practice

To capatalise on these opportunities, you need to ensure seminar requests are responded to promptly, bookings are undertaken timely, information is sent out to ensure maximum attandance, the seminar is well delivered (and occasionally monitored), certificates are correctly sent, the sales opportuities are followed up.

All this takes time, so, in addition to authoring, the Protocol Consultancy can manage the seminars on your behalf.  Included can be as much or as little as you like, depending on your own organisation's resources.

Together, we can make your C.P.D. material more rewarding.....

1.    Promotion of C.P.D material

2.    Respond to requests and book seminars

3.    Ensure attendance promoting material is despatched

4.    Work wit Practice to ensure that lunch and facilities are properly booked

5.    Quality assure delivery 

6.     Send out attandance certificatesEnsure Respond quickly  to requests - there might be a project for the taking,