Welcome to the Protocol Consultancy.

Establsihed in 1998, we specialise in marketing, research and technical authoring services. We help some of the major UK companies enhance business perfomance though the power of knowledge.

Corporate Marketing

Money is spent on marketing for one purpose only; to make money. How this is done, is strategic. Whether appealing directly to the end customer, retail or commercial, raising brand awareness, market research, product placement or pricing, we can help.

See the corporate marketing page for more information.

Aviation Marketing

With specialist knowledge, not only of marketing within the General Aviation sector, but also of running a highly successful airfield, flight school and maintenance organisation, principal, Keith Watts is ideally placed to he develop your GA related business.

Our full resources, available to corporate clients are also available to those operating in the challenging and specialist General Aviation environment. Click aviation marketing for more details.

Continuing Professional Development for the Construction Industry

Protocol Consultancy has been working with construction companies since 1998 to research, design and author specialist materials under the Royal Institute of British Architects Continuing Professional Development scheme.

By delivering highly professional, information based seminars, we have helped companies secure an estimated £50 Million of contracts.  More information is available on our Continuing Professional Development page.

Strategic Research

Working with leading companies, often anonymously, the Protocol Consultancy delivers strategic research that has real influence.  

By understanding probable trends and direction, businesses and government can benchmark change and build future strategies.

Our specilaist marketing services

Through us and our associates, we offer high quality and original:

  • Strategic market planning
  • Brochure writing and production
  • Advertisements
  • Displays
  • Graphic design
  • Public relations
  • Press releases
  • Market research
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Printing

Contact us - Tel 07748 114168