C. P. D. Design....

Designing Continuing Professional Development material, aimed at delivering sales requires experience.  Experience in researching the right material, experience in creating effective seminar matereials,  experience in sales and marketing.  Most importantly, experience at delivering the material, live, in over 500 sessions, to architects and specifiers across the UK.

In over 10 years, Keith Watts, the principal of the protocol Consultancy, has helped to secure an estimated £50M in contracts and really understanding what works.....and what doesn't.

During this time a few golden rules have been developed, aimed at ensuring that the client is remembered for the right reasons -  knowledge, integrity, professionalism, attention to detail and, most importantly, an understanding of the architect's requirements.  After all, they might be entrusting part of their new project to you.
  • Remember, in designing and delivering C.P.D. you have an amazing opportunity.  An opportunity to sell, but to sell cleverly.  Sell your expertise, specialist knowledge, how you understand the issues and have the credibility to become the Architect's Trusted Advisor.  Only then can you influence the final purchase decision, winning business time and time again.
  • 1.    C.P.D. is an opportunity to sell - sell knowlege, credibilty, professionalism

    2.    Know what the C.P.D is trying to achieve and focus the learning aims around it

    3.    Be generic - show that you understand the big picture, not just those associated with your own product

    4.    Create demand - generate materials that really increase knowldge - then get called back to advise again and again

    5.    Don't give the job of deleivery to your best salespers unless he/she can be generic- use your company's technical skills

    6.    Go outside your organisation for information - research well (this shouldn't be just a "product seminar")

    7.    Ensure that the person delivering understands the 5 P's - Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performanc

    8.    Know that different people retain information differently - words, pictures, feel (samples)

    9.    Better to be memembered for a good learning expereince, that a fly-by-night who turned up with a sales presentation

    10.  Remember what you're selling - see point 1.