Whether you are part of a Government Agency, not for profit oranisation or commercial company, getting the right information is critical.

Knowing who, what, how, when and where can deliver complex information in a clear and precise way, providing the right questions are asked and of the right people.

Customer satisfaction surveys:
 you undoubtedly spend a significant amount of money winning new business and a fair bit retaining existing customers.  Your customer feedback is probably based on how many complaints you do, or do not receive, or on information provided by your sales team.  Hardly impartial.  And "probably" isn't good enough.

A structured customer satisfaction survey, with impartial third party input, gives you the real picture, helping you build on what you do well and implement strategic change where necessary.  All with an aim of enhancing sales.

Industry research projects:
 understanding your sector's strategic plans and attitutes helps enable you make the right decisions and influence future direction.

Protocol Consultancy designs, implements and manage impartial industry research projects across a wide range of sectors, helping you address the key questions.